About pages tend to be either simplistic or pretentious. I'll try to err on the simplistic side. I'm a retired nurse, spending my time working on learning new things, creating hand made objects, interacting with artists and friends and in general trying to find ways to enjoy the third third of my life (hopefully), while perhaps leaving this planet slightly better off, or at least not worse off than it is at present. I ended thirty odd years of work as a nurse, most of it night shift work in the local ER, but the final three years I did day shift in a clinic. It was a rewarding career in many ways, but now, over 6 years into retirement and 4 of widowhood, I'm embracing something else entirely. I'm very fortunate to be able to live this part of my life in relative comfort and, so far, good health. I hope you enjoy looking at my work. The smiling kiddo in the picture is holding one of the bears that I knit for my favorite charity The Mother Bear Project. People from around the world knit bears which go to kids orphaned by AIDS. It's always a thrill to see a pic of one of my bears in some child's hands.