Beaded embroidery work is an ancient and honored technique, used for kings and queens as well as the expression of love from mothers and lovers around the world. There's nothing quite like the feeling of peace that bead embroidery can bring to the practitioner. It's a sitting meditation for many of us who love the craft.

The Beadwork

The pictures above are a small sampling of the beaded embroidery I've done over the years. The moonpanel at the beginning and the dragon at the end are sewn to my 'going to a beadshow' vest. The bear paw was part of work done on a leather bag, the lotus flower was part of a series of beaded objects in a year long challenge. The raven was also part of a beaded bag project. The embroidered art trading card with the face cab, I call my 'harvest goddess'. Endless opportunities for self expression and creation.