Stringing the Loom

For me, stringing the loom can be a zenlike breeze or an exercise in frustration. It just depends on the day or moonphase or barometric pressure-who knows? It's a more technical aspect of beadwork to me but wonderful for making long fabric-like strips of beadwork that can be used in so many ways.

The Beadwork

Most of my loomed pieces are drawn and graphed out by me. I love working on graphs for beadloom work, since the process lends itself well to geometric designs. Rounding can be accomplished by gentle changes in color as one goes, but the nature of the work is pretty much set by the constraints of warp and weft. I 'developed' a technique of putting beads on the warp strings (something I hadn't seen before, but which is definitely a 'thing'). This gives all sorts of freedom for adding interesting beads.