So many Stitches, so little Time

Those who learned beadwork in the 70s, 80s and 90s pretty much started out with brick stitch and graduated to peyote and some netting stitches or did looming or embroidery. More adventurous beaders dabbled in bead crochet and daisy stitches. Then came the 90s and so many new stitches to learn-Ndebele, square stitch, right angle weave and it's variations, variations on peyote, Huichol and Eastern European netting stitches, and the list goes on. I'm not sure I'll ever learn them all, but I've tried my had at many of them.

The Beadwork

The pictures above show examples several stitches, including peyote, brick right angle weave, square stitch and embroidery. Stitches can be combined in the same piece for different effects, and used as embellishments, coverings or full pieces depending on the wishes or needs of the beadworker. The 'Raven Steals the Sun' work is graphed and beaded by me as a gift for a dear friend. The beautiful little beaded box in the titlepiece is designed by Julia S. Pretl, of Baltimore, MD, beaded by me, during a bead-along on the Facebook Group, Seed Beads and More.